Things to Know to Save Money While you Travel

thWhen you book a trip you pay large sum of money up front.  Then when you start your trip you can get nicked and dimes along the way.  You can spend large amount of money after you leave the house.  Well a small leak can sink a big ship.  Here are some tips to remember to keep money in your pocket after you leave the house. 


1. Make Coffee in Your Hotel Room or at Home

Many hotels offer free coffee in the room or the lobby.  You can also bring your own French press to make your own coffee if you are a coffee drinker.

2. Eat Breakfast at the Hotel

Eating breakfast at the place you are staying can save you time to sightseeing and money.  Sometimes they only offer breakfast at a specific time.  Make sure to set an alarm so you can get up in time to eat at the hotel.

3. Pack a Lunch

4. Bring a Bottle For Water

5. Pack Bottles of Water

If you are going to a place without water you may want to bring your own water bottles.  Bringing these bottles with you may save $4 a bottle at a torist attraction.

5. Pack Snacks


6. Create a Packing List

The reason you should create a packing list is so you can remember to pack things are expensive.  For example you may want to purchase expensive suntan lotion before you leave so you don’t have to buy it while you are traveling which may be more expensive.


7. Take Public Transportation

When you get to a destination there are many ways to get to the next place you are going.  You could take a taxi or you can take public transportation.

8. Take Transportation with Others

When going to a destination if you go with others who are going to the same place.  We wanted to go to a beach that cost $30 for each person to go by taxi if there was only two of us going.  We found 3 other groups going to the same destination.  We only had to pay $10 each to get to the same place.


9. Walk


10. Download Free Books on Kindle

Free amazon books and library free books are available.  27. Find free fun. Chances are there is a festival or some sort of free event happening in your town or a short drive away. Scour your local paper, parent magazines and circulars. See what is out there that can cost you nothing, or at least next to nothing.

11. Stop By a McDonalds For Coupons

McDonals usually has area attraction coupons for places you want to go.  Even if you don’t purchase something that McDonalds you can stop by for coupons.


12. Use Credit Cards

13. Create Gifts for Others

Instead of buying gifts for your friends and family you can make gifts.  Collect some sand and add it to small bottles when you get home.  Pick up some shells or coral from the beach.  Find a piece of beautiful drift wood or sea glass.  These personal gifts are memorable, don’t cost anything, and give you something to look for while you are traveling.

Exploring the World’s Amazing Casinos

unnamedResearch has revealed that over 100 million people visit casinos each year. This implies that many people use or just admire them. It has also been noted that casinos offer gambling and a lot more. Most modern casinos have been designed to be entertainment centers besides being a family holiday destination. Since many people regularly plan casino holidays with their families, but fail to get the best casinos, in this post we will describe the world’s best casinos.

1) American Casinos

• Most casinos in America are found in Las Vegas. This is the most famous casino district in the World.

• In Las Vegas, you will find an oasis of lights, entertainment, money and tourists.

• The Caesar’s Palace is the most famous casino in Las Vegas. It has been made into two gaming areas one for the serious and the other for the average.

• It has 2000 slots, video poker machines, card tables, roulette wheels and almost everything in a top-notch casino.

• From both inside and outside, the look is very impressive and often attracts even the people who do not play.

• This attractive casino is worth visiting. Additionally, it has been said that it attracts as many tourist as the gamblers.

2) African Casinos

• Rumors have it that in some African countries, casinos play a great role towards economic stability.

• One country that has been blessed is South Africa.

• While there are many casinos in this country, the Gold Reef city is the best in terms of opulence and the exchange of cash taking place.

• This casino can be accessed after a few minutes’ drive from Johannesburg City. Besides, is the most popular tourist attraction in the country?

• The hotel hosting the casino has over 40 luxurious rooms while the casino itself has complex wide range of restaurants and 300-seat theatre.

• The Gold Rift city is surrounded with so many entertainment spots for the whole family.

• For example, there are exciting rides, shows and other entertainments for the family.

• This casino has over 2000 gaming machines and 50 table games.

• It offers its visitors the most exciting experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

• Concisely, it provides the whole family with a unique entertainment, gaming, historical facts, and four-star luxury.

3) European Casinos

• In Europe, Fair Mont Monte Carlo is one of the best casinos.

• It is located between Italy and France.

• It is unique since this area enjoys almost 300 days of sunshine in a year.

• This casino has been termed as the playground of the super-rich since they are the ones who frequent the place.

• The hotel that hosts the casino, Fair Mont Monte Carlo Hotel, is one of the largest on the continent.

• This hotel has 600 guesthouses and luxurious rooms.

• Moreover, this hotel is an architectural masterpiece, for example, it has an open-air dining terrace hovering above the ocean and an amazing roof top pool.

• If you want an awesome place to visit then this is the place to be

Now you have it, three best casinos that have more than gambling to offer. The choice is yours. Some people just go for the gaming tables, but if you want to experience more than that, then the world is your table. You can visit America, Africa or Europe and you will find the best experience. Before you start touring the world, it is advisable that you apply for ESTA application that offers visa application services with numerous benefits. Start applying now!

European Windsurfing Adventures

We find that there is something very peaceful about windsurfing. Nothing seem to sooth the soul quite like a strong sea breeze and the flapping of a sail. Others take pleasure in the more gruelling side of the sport, tackling bigger waves and stronger winds in a quest to achieve big air and rapid speeds.

Windsurfing adventure

Whatever your preference, everyone can agree that the key to a great days windsurfing is ideal conditions and stunning surroundings. With this in mind, here we take a look at the five most renowned windsurfing spots in Europe.

Spain – Tarifa

This beautiful stretch of coastline is considered by many to be the crème de la crème of windsurfing hotspots.

Windsurfing Spain

Snuggly nestled at Europe’s lowest point (where the Strait of Gibraltar and the African coast align) this scenic area is the playground of two potent winds: the Levant, from the east, and a Poniente, from the West. It is not unusual for these winds to reach speeds of up to 40 knots, but fear not, the strong winds are always accompanied by clear skies and warm water. Some call it the wind capital of Europe, so beginning our list with this spot was a no-brainer.

Although quite famous with the windsurfing community, its typical Andalusian feeling remains intact. With adorable white houses, flamenco, tapas and a great night-life, it is also an ideal family destination.

Italy – Torbole, Lake Garda

Italy is home to over 7000 KM of coastline. With the islands of Sardinia and Sicily perfectly placed to receive great, year round, winds, you might be surprised that our next choice isn’t even on the coast.

Windsurfing Italy

The postcard perfect Lake Garda, situated between Mount Baldo and the Sarche plain, is a frequently talked about Mecca for windsurfing fans. The protection offered by the mountains and the thermo-regulation of the lake ensure a Mediterranean micro-climate, while the Ora and Peler ensure gentle propulsion across crystalline water.

Greece – Paros, New Golden Beach

Who wouldn’t want to spend a week on a Greek island? Renowned for clear water, perpetual blue sky, and white-sanded beaches, Greece is ever popular with holiday makers because it is a living vision of the “perfect” beach holiday we all hold in our minds eye.

Windsurfing Greece

For a regular holiday, you can’t go wrong. Is it in Greece? Is it a beach? Then it’s going to be great, we promise. But, if you’re looking for a great windsurfing spot (which, if you have made it this far, we can assume you are) then we would have to recommend Paros, one of the Cyclades islands.

The constantly-hot temperature is mitigated by the Meltemi, a strong wind that makes this island our destination of choice when windsurfing in Greece during the summer period. This area even hosted the 2000, 2003 and 2010 international windsurfing championships, so you know that even the pros approve.

Turkey – Alaçatı

Next we have Turkey, and there really is no better place to surf here than Alaçatı

Windsurfing Greece

Also known as the “St. Tropez of Turkey”, you will be captured by this town’s great architecture and by the turquoise waters that lap its beach, Alaçatı Plajı.

Shallow waters, light winds and sandy seabed make this perfect for beginners, or those looking for a more Zen experience on the water.

UK – Gwithian Beach, Cornwall

Cornwall is a great place for windsurfing as it enjoys all the oceanic might of the Atlantic – and it is warmer than the rest of the UK because of the influence of the Gulf Stream.


A big hook for windsurfing enthusiast is the variety offered by the ocean: if you are a beginner, there are calm waters where you can safely practice you newly-found passion, while more experienced riders can find powerful winds and challenging waves nearby.

Among numerous beaches, Gwithian Beach is probably the most established one and is characterized by long stretches of sand surrounded by dunes which end abruptly in 30 foot cliffs. Dramatic!

BONUS! Windsurfing road trip!

You might have noticed that the first four locations on this list plot a course across mainland Europe, starting from the south west and moving east until the most easterly location mentioned, Alaçatı. For those of you that love a driving as much as you love surfing, or for those who simply want a great excuse to see Europe by car, this 5371KM route winds through 10 European countries. And the best part? The countries you visit will be some of the hottest in Europe!

surf road trip

Finally, we spoke to the motoring experts at JT Hughes to find out if they had any advice to give to those of you for whom one windsurfing paradise simply isn’t enough:

“The best bit of road trip advice we could come up with between us is to make sure that you come up with a foolproof plan… and then deviate from it. The best part about a road-trip is spontaneous adventures (or misadventure), as long as you know which cities you will be resting in each night, and plan 9 hours of driving each day, then anything else that comes your way you can tackle with reckless abandon.

“From a technical point of view, respect your car. Treat it to a full service before you leave and ensure you tell your mechanic what sort of climates you might be encounter along the way. If you’re visiting extremely cold areas then there are certain products which can be applied to prevent freezes.

“On the other side of the coin, bringing a car that isn’t used to the heat into a very hot climate can highlight issues which may not have arisen back home. In this case, be sure that your mechanic pays special attention to cooling mechanisms (especially the radiator), changes the oil filter and tops up all the fluids with top of the line products.”

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