The Honeymoon Paradise Of Europe – Croatia

Croatia is fast gaining a runaway reputation of being the most ideal location to go for a honeymoon in Europe. Located ideally at the meeting point or the Mediterranean region, Southern Europe and Central Europe; Croatia has a virtual treasure trove of scintillating sights, a vibrant cultural heritage, a spattering of intriguing islands as well as cities steeped in history and myth to leave you open mouthed in wonder. But to provide you a glimpse of what is in store for your Croatian honeymoon experience, here are five must-do things for anyone heading to this Mediterranean holiday destination to celebrate their romance.

1. Tie the Knot at Galesnjak, the Island of Love
Instead of just heading off to Croatia for the honeymoon, why not go the whole hog and choose to tie the knot on the most enchanting island for lovers? Known as the Island of Love, Galesnjak is a tiny island just off the mainland Croatian town of Turanj. World famous for being the most heart shaped natural land formation anywhere on Earth, the private island is fringed by the azure blue waters of the Pasman Channel. It is considered by many as the crown jewel of the verdant islands which dot Croatia’s Adriatic coastline.


The island of Galenjak is totally uninhabited and up until few years ago, was completely covered by vegetation. The owners of the islands, keen to market it as an ideal location for romantic weddings, have cleared a landing strip and repaired the jetty which had been in a state of disrepair for decades. Still well off the beaten path of tourists even in this world famous travel destination, there is nowhere better suited to start your odyssey of love than Galesnjak.

2. Sail by Yacht Across the Kornati Islands
No Croatian honeymoon is complete without sailing across the enchanting Dalmatian coast aboard a yacht. The coast is dotted by well over a thousand islands, each one of them offering a treasure trove of memories to carry with you and reminisce over for a lifetime. To begin your sailing honeymoon, charter a yacht from one of the many rental agencies you can find along the Croatian coast in cities as Split and Dubrovnik.

yacht honeymoon

There are many island groups which will offer you the perfect backdrop for the beginning of your romantic journey of life. However, none of them even approach the spectacular sights and sounds of Kornati Islands with their pristine sandy beaches, brilliant water sports and delectable Mediterranean cuisine.

3. Scuba Diving off Mljet Island
Located close to Croatia’s mainland, the island of Mljet offers a motley collection of experiences to enchant any pleasure seeker. Its verdant natural beauty will appeal to the poetic nature in you and is the perfect destination for someone seeking a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of business and work. However, the most intriguing pleasures of Mljet are best experienced just offshore. Scuba diving and snorkeling off the island will allow you vistas of a land of marine wonder and vibrant color lurking just below the azure waters.

scuba diving

4. Experience the Enchanting Magic of Zlatni Rat Pebble Beach
Jutting off like a giant tongue into the sparkling Mediterranean waters on the edge of the Croatian island of Brac, Zlatni Rat is the world’s most famous pebble beach. Fringed by a thick forest of pines, Zlatni Rat looks even more enchanting viewed from high in the skies. But the magical attraction of the beach mainly comes due to its quirky penchant for changing shape depending on the sea currents and wind direction. Indeed, when you holiday on Brac Island, you can enjoy a new beach every morning without changing the location. Isn’t that the most romantic experience of them all to crown off a honeymoon?

zlatni rat beach

5. Tour Dubrovnik’s Old City
The old city of Dubrovnik is well known as the pearl of the Adriatic and has survived since the medieval ages with its walls and protective ramparts inatact. The city is so well preserved that it has been chosen as the setting of many Hollywood epics and dramas including the award winning HBO TV drama series: Game of Thrones. A trip in Dubrovnik’s old city is like a trip back in time. You will leave Croatia having experienced something that is literally out of this world.

together sailing sunset

It is not enough to have a honeymoon holiday. For the best experience, you should set off to a destination which will provide you with memories to last a lifetime. The locations which have been highlighted above represent a sample selection of the delights awaiting your arrival to Croatia for your honeymoon. Just about all the above destinations are located offshore on the amazing Dalmatian coastal islands. If you want to experience them to the fullest, charter a yacht from the myriad boat charter companies operating in Croatia and you will be in for a ride of your life.

Top Adventure Holidays in Andalusia


Those seeking to discover the essence of Spain often forego big, bustling cities like Madrid or Barcelona and head for the South to Andalusia. The region of Andalusia comprises provinces like Málaga (home to some of Spain’s most popular beaches), Granada (the mystical exponent of the pinnacle of Arab-Andalusian architecture), Seville (sometimes referred to as a ‘little Paris in Spain’) and a myriad of quaint, white-washed villages known as ‘pueblos blancos’, Andalusia is famed for offering travelers an irresistible blend of culture, Nature and fun. The coastal city of Málaga, in particular, has seen a recent cultural renaissance, with a spate of museums opening (including the Contemporary Art Centre, the Picasso Museum of Málaga and the Carmen Thyssen Museum, all housing highly renowned collections of art). The artistic flair of this city is only logical, considering it was the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and is currently home to many of his most stunning works, thanks to a significant donation made the Picasso family to the Picasso Museum of Málaga Foundation.

Andalusia as a whole has a lot more to offer visitors than stunning architecture, lofty mountain ranges and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean; it is also an ideal destination for those seeking to feel the high of an adrenalin rush – for one, the weather is mostly sunny all-year-round and winter temperatures are mild. Stunning natural features and affordable travel costs are another main attraction of the South. If you would love to marry culture and adventure on your next holiday, take your pick from these top adventure and sporty activities in Andalusia:

  • Cave Discovery and Paddle Surfing – Nerja, Málaga: Nerja is home to the famous Cuevas de Nerja: a series of caverns that stretches for almost five kilometers and contains awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites, cave paintings from the Paleolithic and post-Paleolithic eras and a stunning show gallery where archaeological finds are exhibited. The caverns are also home to the famous Hall of the Waterfall, where concerts and flamenco and tango dance festivals are staged, and audiences enjoy a unique and almost mystical acoustic and visual experience. The caverns take around an hour to visit, so if you’re up for something a bit more adventurous, we highly recommend a paddle surfing trip, which commences at Nerja’s famous Burriana beach and ends at the dreamlike Maro waterfall – which descends  into a pool of turquoise water, perfect for a refreshing swim and some snorkeling. The company, Educare Aventura, organizes these tours (offering guides, kayaks and all necessary safety equipment), as well as mountain climbing trips and Nature orientation tours. The paddle surf adventure to Maro costs less than €20 per person.
  • Rappelling and Rock Climbing – El Chorro, Málaga: El Chorro, a small village near the town of Álora, is one of southern Spain’s most famous rock climbing areas. Home to the Gorge of the Gaitanes, it is also a revered destination for mountain bikers after the ultimate downhill rush. El Chorro is great for those after a whole day of action – local camping site, El Camping El Chorro, organizes a myriad of activities, including paintball games, kayaking, rock climbing and rappelling, archery and ziplining, at very affordable prices.
  • Kitesurfing – Tarifa, Cádiz: If you have always wanted to learn how to kitesurf, then you probably know that Tarifa is the European capital of this windswept sport in Spain. Famed for its hippyish, laid-back vibe, the town of Tarifa is a Mecca for serious surfers, its strong winds guaranteeing an experience that is anything but tranquil. There are various kitesurfing schools that will both rent out equipment and teach you basic skills. You can book classes by the hour, though it is far more advisable to book packages, which offer a number of classes at discounted prices.
  • Canyoning –Málaga: Málaga is home to some of the most spectacular gorges and canyons in Spain. If you’d like to experience the rush afforded by a descent through narrow cliffs or raging waterfalls, we definitely recommend relying on professional guides, who will reveal a select number of ‘secret’ routes and some of the most spectacular hidden rivers in the area.
  • Skiing at Sierra Nevada – Granada: Granada, home to the Moorish La Alhambra palace (a finalist in The New 7 Wonders of the World competition) is equally famed for the Sierra Nevada Ski Station, which hosts a myriad of prestigious ski competitions, including the Alpine World Ski Championships and the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup (the Sierra Nevada was also recently chosen to host the 2015 Winter Universiade – the World University Games). The Sierra Nevada is conveniently close to the Granada’s city center (just 45 minutes away by car), so if budgeting is an issue, you needn’t book a room at a fancy on-site ski resort; just drive up for a day’s skiing and when you’ve had enough, head back to Granada and enjoy a great night out (Granada is a famed party destination, since it is a famed University town). If you don’t have your ski gear on you, you can hire all the equipment you need at the Sierra itself, where you can also book skiing and snowboard classes. Adventurous sports women will probably be quite confident as they descend down the powdery slopes, but in order to save on any possible medical expenses incurred by an unfortunate injury, it is vital to make sure that you take out an insurance policy that covers winter sports; not all policies cover activities like skiing (which is considered risky), so if an adventure holiday is the order of the day, make sure not to end up spending more than you have on what is hardly the highlight of anyone’s trip: emergency medical assistance.

Top Tips For Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination

It’s the time of year when many of us will have a wedding or two to attend, and brides and grooms from all over the world are making the final preparations for their big day. Planning a wedding is a stressful thing to do. Once the wedding is over though, you get to pack your suitcase and jet off to a far flung destination for your honeymoon. As you only have one honeymoon, the pressure is on to get it right and with so many options available to you, choosing where to go can seem difficult and overwhelming. With that in mind, here are a few top tips for choosing the honeymoon destination that’s right for you.

Consider Your Budget   

Many people will say that your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and that you should, therefore, go to your dream destination. In an ideal world this is true, but it’s also worth remembering that you should not start your married life with unnecessary debt simply because of a two week vacation. With the average wedding bill in the USA hitting $30,000 there may not be much money left over for the honeymoon. Your realistic budget, therefore, should be your starting point for planning your trip. International air travel is one of the biggest expenses involved in far flung travel, so if you’re looking to save the pennies then consider taking your honeymoon within the USA. There are some fantastic options available to you; head to New York City for a decadent city break or the Florida Keys for laid back beachside luxury. You could even consider a cruise along the east coast if you want a multi trip vacation where you stay in more than one location. Alternatively if you want to stick to budget without compromising on your dream international destination, why not consider having your dream honeymoon but in a slightly shorter time frame (staying for five days rather than two weeks, for example). This should cut the costs of your trip whilst still giving you the experience you’re looking for.

Assess Your Couple Personality

The idea of spending two weeks lounging by a pool may seem appealing when the stress of wedding planning is in full swing, but if you and your husband are active types who prefer adrenalin boosting activities you may want to think carefully about the beach resort you choose. Choose somewhere that offers leisure activities that will suit both of you – there are many resorts that offer jet skis and rocking climbing walls alongside spas and candlelit restaurants, for example. Mauritius and Hawaii are both fantastic destinations for these ‘best of both’ style breaks, offering incredible white beaches and blue waters alongside amazing things to do. If you’re looking for something a little further afield, and with a bigger budget, then why not try a whistle stop tour of Europe? That way you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of visiting some of the world’s most romantic cities whilst also relaxing on some of the Continent’s finest beaches. If you opt for this kind of vacation you certainly won’t be bored, no matter how long or short your honeymoon vacation is!

Spread the Word

When you have chosen and booked your honeymoon destination, be sure to let everyone involved in your vacation experience know that you’re booking the trip for your honeymoon; from the hotel to your airliner and even that little restaurant you have made dinner reservations for. There are many courtesies and surprises available for guests on their honeymoon, particularly amongst larger resorts and companies. You may well find you’re offered free upgrades, superior rooms, and other extra surprises. With so many different possibilities for choosing your perfect honeymoon destination available, and so many honeymooning couples, not everyone will automatically receive these perks, of course. Even if you don’t though, you’re likely to receive friendly smiles and good wishes, so there’s nothing to lose! Whether you opt for sunbathing on a sun drenched Tropical Island, overindulging on a luxury cruise liner, or taking an adrenalin-putting activity trip, the most important thing is to choose an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life and embrace every opportunity that comes your way.

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